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English for Job Preparation

with Jean Pierre Akayezu, Mora Katz, and Bright Musuamba


April 22nd to June 21st, 2024

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This intensive course is designed for intermediate English language learners who are searching for their first job in the US. Students will learn the job search and application process in the United States and will expand their English skills. Students will refine their customer service skills and learn financial literacy skills from ProsperityME teachers. This course does not require US work authorization to participate.

Click here to read the class schedule. 

Due to grant funding, this program is free for accepted students. 

Prerequisites: ESOL level 3 or higher

To apply: Click here to submit your information.

The deadline to enroll is April 12.

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Workplace Communication

with Taika Brand


April 22nd to May 29th, 2024

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Learn how to more successfully and effectively communicate with peers, supervisors, and teams in an office environment. Skills covered include listening, oral communication that involves speaking assertively, positively, and clearly, and handling difficult situations in the workplace with conflict resolution skills. Other skills practiced will include customer service communication skills and communication issues in a team-based environment and how to ace an interview.

Please note: the first and last day of this class will be held in person at Portland Adult Education.

Need help paying for this course? Scholarship money is available to those that qualify. Email to get the application form.

The deadline to register is April 12.