Try Something New This Year!

Whether you want to learn a second or third language, improve your English, earn your high school diploma, prepare for college, or train for a new career, Portland Adult Education is here for you.  As we prepare for a new school year, our doors are open and we invite you to come visit, meet our students, take a class, and see firsthand the power of learning.

Learning for everyone

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

  • Feb

    Ferment This! Sauerkraut

    Would you like to use local delicious cabbage and other vegetables to make fermented food that lasts for months, and maintains flavor and nutrient content? Or do you already make your own ferments but would like to learn more about the wild world of marvelous microorganisms that surround us, give us “terroir” and keep us […]

  • Feb

    Ferment This! Kombucha

    You could buy a $4 bottle of kombucha, or you could make your own for pennies. It’s simply sweetened black or green tea with a culture added to it, and we can make both a primary ferment and a secondary one with your favorite fruit juice (yum! Blueberry kombucha!) We’ll discuss it’s fascinating history, how […]

  • Feb

    Partner Massage

    Massage is some of the best preventative body maintenance ever. It has been shown to improve sleep, immunity, flexibility and recovery time from injuries. You’ll learn easy massage and stretching techniques to boost circulation, relaxation and decrease stress and blood pressure, plus it’s a nice way to make someone feel good. Applicable to computer shoulders, […]

  • Feb

    Ferment This! Kimchi

    Kimchi can be a relatively calm sauerkraut-like ferment of cruciferous (and other) vegetables, or it can be as wild gingery-garlicky-spicy as you wish! We’ll build on this Korean-style ferment to create your own signature kimchi variation. We’ll also chat about the microbiology of fermentation and what’s happening in our microbiomes. Instructor Emma Holder (Masters in […]

  • Feb

    ELL Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification Course

    Training for CDA certification with extra English, writing, and digital support. This course will also include a practicum in a child care setting. Online Registration is not available for this course. It may be subject to certain prerequisites or inventory requirements. Please contact PAE by email ( or by phone (874-8155) to discuss the requirements […]

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