Try Something New This Year!

Whether you want to learn a second or third language, improve your English, earn your high school diploma, prepare for college, or train for a new career, Portland Adult Education is here for you.  As we prepare for a new school year, our doors are open and we invite you to come visit, meet our students, take a class, and see firsthand the power of learning.

Learning for everyone

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

  • May

    Standing Guard: Protect What You’ve Worked For

    This class shares strategies designed to help guard valuable assets and protect pre- and post-retirement income. Discusses impact of longevity, withdrawal strategies, anticipating rising costs, reviewing insurance/LTC protection, and healthcare cost concerns. A link will be provided by the instructor for the online class.

  • May

    Ferment This! Kimchi

    Kimchi can be a relatively calm sauerkraut-like ferment of cruciferous (and other) vegetables, or it can be as wild gingery-garlicky-spicy as you wish! We’ll build on this Korean-style ferment to create your own signature kimchi variation. We’ll also chat about the microbiology of fermentation and what’s happening in our microbiomes. Instructor Emma Holder (Masters in […]

  • Jun

    Abstract Oil Stick Painting (Zoom Class)

    Students will use a variety of different still life and landscape images as inspiration for finding their own unique style of abstract painting. The oil stick medium provides the opportunity to explore various drawing/painting techniques and is compatible with tube oil paint for creating more painterly effects. Mindfulness techniques will help to gradually overcome natural […]

  • Jun

    Ukulele For Beginners

    The magical ukulele is capturing hearts and minds in Maine and around the world! Why not yours? Come join our adult beginners’ series and share in the fun of learning to play. The ukulele is versatile and a blast to play (with a bit of regular practice, of course). On it you can knock out […]

  • Jun

    Experimental Mixed Media (Zoom Class)

    This class will provide the opportunity to experiment with a range of different mediums, including watercolor sticks, ink, pastels, charcoal, and graphite, utilizing various techniques. The emphasis will be to challenge yourself in exploring unfamiliar territory while opening the door to your own unique way of working representationally and/or abstractly. A supply list will be […]

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